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Aurum Gold - Sparkling White Mead


Aurum Sparkling Gold


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Aurum Gold is a sparkling white blanc de blanc French champagne-style mead made from pure raw macadamia honey from the Byron Bay hinterland.

Glowing with fine, elegant beading, this mead is surprisingly akin to grape-based champagne, with a subtle honey character in the final notes.

Balanced acidity and refined medium body, with hints of brioche and lemon tart and a soft lengthy finish.

Dry and refreshing this sparkling modern mead showcases the potential of honey to produce pure elegance through simplicity.

Drink chilled and enjoy as the perfect celebratory bubbles or apéritif.

Best served chilled in a champagne coupe or balloon flute.

100% pure Byron Bay honey.


11% alc/vol.

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